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Quality is paramount. It matters to us. Only the best components are used in all our bears from the fillings to the glass eyes


We appreciate that all garments or fabrics sent to us are precious and we can assure you they are handled with utmost care


All our keepsakes are finished to a high standard, each one created on a personal level with maximum attention to detail


I would just like to thank all my customers for their continued support over the past 4 and a half years, as most of you know this is a journey that sadly started from losing my Dad unexpectedly. Memories to Treasure was born to honour his memory with cushions and teddies, something tactile to hold.

Eighteen months later I also lost my Mum unexpectedly, this as you can imagine completely shook my world, but made me more determined to carry on as she loved what I did but mainly because of the comfort having Dad’s keepsakes brought to her and the rest of our family.

Each keepsake I create is as precious to me as it is to the family it is destined for; I have very high standards and values but most of all integrity towards my customers especially as 85% of my business comes from bereavement. Obviously, there is a story behind every keepsake, some happy, some sad but each one unique and so is each bear and keepsake.

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We pride ourselves in customer service,

your items are precious to us too!

For the past two years I have worked for not much more than the minimum wage.  What I do, I believe is a service.  I create everything from the pattern making to the finished items: this gives me greater control over the whole process, ensuring the keepsakes are perfect.  Sometimes just laying out the pattern pieces on the garments can take over an hour just to make sure of pattern matching etc.

For this reason, I am having to adjust my prices, incorporating a new way of ordering for the customer so they can pick from sizes and now choose exactly what they want for the finish and the accessories, all individually priced.

I am excited to announce the arrival of 2 new collections, my Signature Collection. This is the L or XL size bear only as the key concept is taking handwriting from your loved ones and creating an embroidered copy of it on your bear. It’s another way to add something special to your keepsake.

Also launched is my Unique collection, these bears are L or XL, the actual bear is made from teddy fleece and then the customers garments are used to create the look that the bear is wearing the clothing, another option for you to choose your special keepsake

Thank you all so much

Jayne x

NHS Bear | Memories To Treasure
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