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I didn’t have many of my dads clothes and what I had, I didn’t want to part with. Jayne has been amazing throughout this whole experience, she kept reassuring me but never pushed me. Months going by I then contacted Jayne, again feeling if I didn’t do it now I would never do it. But even talking and going through everything just made it all real. I don’t believe my dad has gone and it’s coming up 5 years in February. The clothes I had, I sent pictures to Jayne to see which colours would go best. I wanted the bears identical as well so we all had the same. The time came when the jumpers needed to be sent. I felt sick, why, I think because a part of dad was gone maybe? Jayne messaged to say that she had received them. Again, fantastic the way she can reassure you and make you feel, is amazing. Before Jayne started the bears I had a message to say there being started, that made me feel sick all day. I message to see how Jayne was getting on, to be told she’d nearly finished, I was amazed, this was followed by the picture. I didn’t think that we could put my dads hand writing on as they was from Birthday cards, I took a screen shot and sent it and to see that Jayne could use it. The whole experience was hard for me parting with dads clothes but I am so glad that I did it because it’s the best thing that I have ever done, the work and detail is mind blowing, Jayne is one talented lady. I will definitely have some more bears from her this time from my children’s clothes when they were babies. I can not thank you enough Jayne for giving part of dad back to me and my three children. You’re an angel in my eyes. 💕💕

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